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19 Aug 2020

New Connecting Leeds pop-up bike hub opens to public

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A new pop-up bike hub has opened in Leeds Kirkgate Market to support more people accessing the city centre by bike.

The new pop-up hub managed by Leeds City Council’s Connecting Leeds transport programme means shoppers, commuters and leisure users can park their bikes within a safe and secure environment in a convenient location. The temporary bike hub located at the Kirkgate Market 1981 hall will be open Monday to Friday, between 7.30am and 6pm. It will run until 2 October 2020.

People can pay £10 to become a bike hub member, with unlimited secure parking until 2 October. There are also a range of services and support available to help people switch to riding a bike with advice on maintenance, access to maps and information on getting around Leeds. Non-members can pay £1 a day to park, or access free parking for two hours if shopping in Leeds Kirkgate Market. The bike hub is staffed between 7.30am and 6pm to ensure bikes are secure.

The council has also secured a number of bikes from Leeds bike library which are available to hire from the hub for free. New free adult cycle training is also available to residents of Leeds to support people accessing new and trial routes, as well as the new bike hub. Being delivered in partnership with Connecting Leeds and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority’s CityConnect programme, people will be able to access training to support them commuting by bike. Further details can be found at

Installation of new bike parking stands is also starting across the city, with new stands situated outside Merrion House. More are planned over the summer to make space for up to 500 bike parking spaces across the city and district centres.

This work supports a wider programme of initiatives being carried out as part of the council’s response to Covid-19, taking emergency action to help people of all ages to walk and cycle safely as part of the council’s ‘safe streets, save lives’ campaign and further supporting greener, healthier, safer travel for Leeds residents.

Councillor Peter Carlill, Leeds City Council’s lead member for active travel, said:

“As part of our ambitious plans to promote active travel, we have launched additional secure bike parking in the city centre. Leeds Kirkgate Market provides an ideal location for peace of mind and security to leave your bike while you work, shop or play in the city.

“This is also a great opportunity for new or existing cyclists to get expert advice on maintaining their bike, on getting around the city safely, and hire a bike free of charge – removing many of the barriers to active travel. The council’s aspiration is to make cycling and walking for shorter journeys a natural everyday travel choice. Providing places for people to safely and securely leave their bikes is a key part of that journey. You can book a bike parking space via our dedicated web site”

Bike hub user Britta Jost, said:

“I used the bike hub today and had an excellent experience. I was happy to pay £1 to leave my bike in a secure place. It’s a great idea in an excellent location and will definitely use it again. The staff were really nice and helpful too. I couldn’t be happier.”

MA student at University of Leeds, Marisha Krishna, said:

“As soon as I heard about the bike hub, my boyfriend and I went and loaned bikes until 2 October. We cycled home, and then that evening we went on a 20km ride! Before, it was too far to walk to the supermarkets, but now I can do my shopping easily. I was so pleased that I told my friends – and now there are six of us with bike loans from the bike hub.”

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