Plan ahead: partial night-time closures around the Armley Gyratory next month for construction of new Spence Lane footbridge: Spence-Lane-proposed-2b-2

19 Apr 2024

Plan ahead: partial night-time closures around the Armley Gyratory next month for construction of new Spence Lane footbridge

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The construction of the new Spence Lane footbridge over the Armley Gyratory is to begin on Monday 13 May with footbridge erection works planned to end by 10am Sunday 19 May. It will be the second of three footbridges completed around the Gyratory with new wider and more accessible footways, after the Gelderd bridge works completed last week.

Spence Lane footbridge spans 32.9 metres long and four metres wide. It will cross over the A643 and join either side by two new accessible ramps to better meet the needs of non-motorised users and people with disabilities. All the new upgraded footbridges are designed to ensure they will need less maintenance work and inspection, over future decades.

The transport of the new ramp, crane lift and complex bridge engineering means the ramps are delivered in sections and joined together on site. To reduce the amount of disruption to traffic it’s undertaken at night from 13 - 18 May. There will be road and partial lane closures with signed diversions in place. During Saturday night on 18 May the main span will be transported to the Armley Gyratory under police escort from junction 2 of the M621.

To keep disruption to a minimum, our programme takes account of other roadworks and events happening across the city, especially sporting events and will adjust our plans accordingly.

Spence Lane footbridge before and after new footbridge


To allow for Spence Lane work, motorists are advised there will be five night-time closures, from Monday 13 May to Friday 17 May starting 8pm until 530am. The A643 northbound carriageway is closed from junction 2 (M621) to the Gyratory. The full closure allows for police escort requirement for delivery of any ramp sections. There is a diversion of five miles.

Spence Lane diversion 13 - 17 May 2024

The Spence Lane main span works will take place on Saturday 18 May over one night from 7pm to 10am Sunday 19 May. The crane is placed on the A643 northbound carriageway. Traffic will be running in lane 4 of the gyratory during this operation.

The A643 northbound carriageway will be closed. The Gyratory exit to Wellington South will also be closed. Traffic will be running in one lane around the gyratory to allow for sufficient working space. The A643 northbound carriageway is closed at the Wortley Lane junction, with access provided for traffic to Wortley Lane northbound only from Junction 2 (M621). There is a signed diversion of 13 miles in place to accommodate all classes of vehicles.

Spence Lane diversion map 18-19 May 2024

Due to the length of the main span, the delivery of this will be via M621 junction 2. The load will travel north along the A643 northbound carriageway before crossing onto the A643 southbound carriageway. The transport will continue north on the A643 southbound carriageway (against the flow of traffic) until it reaches the Gyratory. This movement will be fully controlled by the police and the timing is between 8.30pm – 9.45pm.

Pedestrian Diversion Main Span Installation

Footpath diversion map 2-2

Further details about the works are on the project website

For the Armley Gyratory footway for people walking or wheeling, there will be a diversion in place until summer 2024, while works take place on constructing the new bridges.

The work schedule and activity are weather dependent which could change or delay work taking place.

The current phase two Armley structure programme:

Spence Bridge (2a) Summer 2024 bridge construction completion.

Gelderd Bridge (2a) Spring 2024 bridge construction completion.

Wellington Road Bridge (2b) summer 2024 removal of existing bridge and construction over autumn/winter 2024/25 (pending final design/approvals).

Previous removal of Spence Lane Bridge on 30 September 2023.

Gary Bartlett, Leeds City Council’s chief officer highways and transportation, said:

“We are making significant progress around the Armley Gyratory footbridges. After we completed the Gelderd Road footbridge last week I am pleased to see we’re now moving to complete Spence Lane footbridge. These are new transformative structures and necessitate careful planning with other works and events across our busy city.  I would like to pass on my appreciation to the project team and contractors for carrying out such complex operations.

“Please plan ahead on the nights from 13 May to 18 May and follow the signed road diversions in place. We thank everyone for their ongoing patience while we continue to work hard to minimise disruption and thank those who have already changed the way they travel into and around the city centre.

“These bridges work represent transformative changes to the overhead footways for people walking and wheeling – making it easier to get across the gyratory, either going or away from the city centre. The works are also a bridge engineering challenge, as well as programme challenge to carry out, with the least disruption as possible.”

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