11 Oct 2022

Leeds City Council’s executive board to discuss demolition of five high-rise buildings paving the way for newer, energy-efficient homes

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On Wednesday 19 October, senior councillors will discuss the potential demolition of five high-rise buildings in Gipton and Alwoodley in a bid to make way for newer, more energy efficient homes.

Extensive consultation has already taken place with residents at Alderton Heights and Gipton Gates who will be fully supported and rehoused once a decision has been made on the future of the blocks.

The council remains absolutely committed to providing good quality, affordable homes and for them to be safe and feel safe. These blocks require significant investment to be brought up to an appropriate standard, including structural strengthening.

Although the blocks remain safe at present, the issues cannot remain unaddressed and it was recognised that creating new modern housing on the sites would be lower cost and lower risk than refurbishment.  Activity will start to explore how the sites could be developed affordably to provide more energy efficient new homes.

To enable tenants to find new homes the council propose to award them ‘band A’ priority on their housing applications from 1 November and officers will work closely with them to understand both their needs and preferences.

At the same time, we also intend to give tenants ‘direct let’ status so that they can be considered for a direct offer of suitable accommodation. Existing tenants who have lived in their homes for 12 months or more will also qualify for compensation.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for environment and housing, said:

“This decision is something that the council will not take lightly, and we acknowledge the disruption that this will cause to residents. Extensive consultation has been and will continue to take place with all residents affected and most of this consultation has had a very positive response. We are absolutely committed to supporting residents through the rehousing process and to successfully move them into new homes that suit them longer-term, whilst working to manage the impact of this on the Leeds Homes Register. We will work with all individual residents to identify their rehousing needs and support them to seek alternative housing.  We will continue to undertake regular communications with residents during the rehousing phase to ensure they are updated and supported in the rehousing process.”

A copy of the full report can be found here.

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