14 Mar 2018

Council chiefs in Leeds set to approve completing 20mph speed limit programme


Approval to complete a programme introducing 20 miles per hour speed limits in areas of Leeds to improve road safety is expected to be granted next week.

Senior councillors in Leeds will be asked to formally support spending £500,000 to implement approximately 90 more 20 miles per hour zones around schools and connecting residential areas across the city at the executive board meeting at Civic Hall on Wednesday 21 March.

Leeds City Council has already introduced 83 such zones in a longstanding programme running since 1990, with their effectiveness in reducing road injuries by half helping to contribute to overall road casualty numbers which currently are at a record low in the city.

Approval is now being sought to more than double that number and complete the programme, with the final batch of zones due to be in place by summer 2019.

Over time the implementation of the zones has become more flexible and quicker, focusing on schools, residential and community areas as well as locations where pedestrian and cyclist movements are high away from major through routes.

As part of the city’s Child Friendly Leeds ideals, the aim of the zones has been to enhance the local environment by reducing vehicle speeds with a particular emphasis on children and encouraging young people to walk, cycle and scoot to school.

Leeds City Council executive member for regeneration, transport and planning Councillor Richard Lewis said:

“We are very proud of our road safety record in Leeds, and without question introducing these 20 miles per hour zones have played a key part in that impact and success.

“We look forward to carrying out the final part of the programme and helping to protect our children, communities, cyclists and pedestrians as they go about their daily lives in the city.”


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