Residents updated on the future of Rosemont

Residents of Rosemont have been updated on the potential options for the future of the sheltered accommodation.

As requested by the council, independent architects have been asked for their advice on possible solutions for the Bramhope building.

The architects have assessed the site position and building layout and have discussed their findings with residents today.

The options presented by the architect include conversion of the entire building, conversion of part of the building with the remainder demolished to make way for new build homes for sale or starting from scratch by demolishing the existing building and replacing it with purpose built flats for older people.

Neil Evans, Leeds City Council’s director of environment and housing, said:

“We’ve been clear that we want Rosemont residents to have better, warmer and safer accommodation. We also made a commitment to residents to fully explore all the options.

“Today was another important step in coming to an informed decision so it was good to meet so many residents and hear first-hand that they are satisfied with our proposed course of action.

“We remain committed to moving forward, in consultation with the residents, so we can provide homes at Rosemont that are up to modern standards and meet people’s needs.”

Based on the options and discussion with residents today, the council will now assess each option, including costs and planning issues and pull together a formal report. Residents will be consulted on the report before any decisions are made.

A key consideration in the report will be the potential disruption to residents, as each option will require residents to move out. The council today made a commitment to work with residents to find suitable alternative accommodation once a decision is made.

Residents were also given a guarantee that once a solution is found and complete, a home at Rosemont will be available for them, should they wish it.

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