29 Mar 2016

Wetherby Leisure Centre closed for week in April due to refurbishment

Wetherby Leisure Centre will be closed from 2-8 April due to refurbishment.

Due to the design and layout of the centre and following an assessment of visitor safety, it will not be possible for the centre to remain open or classes and activities to take place as work is undertaken on the revamp, which will include the installation of a brand new entrance hall area and reception. Once completed, this will result in a more welcoming atmosphere for visitors at the centre. The council is currently making every effort to inform users of the closure.

Once work is completed, the centre is scheduled to reopen on Saturday 9 April.

For further updates regarding the refurbishment, or to find out more about a particular class or activity held at the leisure centre, please see: http://www.leeds.gov.uk/sports/Pages/Wetherby-leisure-centre.aspx

Also keep a close eye on Twitter @BodylineLeeds for further updates.

Mark Allman, Leeds City Council’s head of sport and active lifestyles, said:

“We would like to apologise to the public for any inconvenience caused while Wetherby Leisure Centre is closed from April 2 to April 8 due to refurbishment.

“This work on both the entrance area and reception will certainly improve the visitor experience for people using Wetherby Leisure Centre, and we are looking forward to our planned reopening on 9 April.”

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