26 Feb 2021

Update regarding resumption of brown bin collections in Leeds

Environmental Services

Local residents are advised that brown bin collections will resume in the city from Monday, March 22.

Due to the continued impact of Covid19 and lockdown three on staffing levels, and the amount of extra black and green bin waste being presented as more adults work from home and the majority of children learn remotely, the resumption of the brown bin service has been slightly delayed. With the first scheduled collections now scheduled to start from 22 March, everyone with a brown bin, should receive a collection before the Easter period.

Given the continued challenges of coronavirus, and need for staff to self-isolate or shield, the council’s refuse service are continuing to work extremely hard to ensure that all bin collections can be made on their expected day. The impact of coronavirus does mean however, that there is the potential for some collections to be missed. If this is the case, we will continue to prioritise the collection of black and green bins on the days where there are any issues. Residents are advised, as they were in 2020, to leave their brown bin out for a couple of days if their street is missed and then take it back in if not emptied.

To help residents, the council will look to extend the brown bin collection this year by a couple of weeks at the end of autumn. To keep up to date on when your bin collections are expected, Leeds residents are advised to download the handy Leeds Bins app on their mobile phone, or check their days via: https://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/bins-and-recycling/check-your-bin-day

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