28 Jun 2016

Statement from Leeds City Council Leader after EU referendum

Leeds City Council Leader Councillor Judith Blake said:

“The referendum result has triggered a period of deep uncertainty and I want to reassure everyone in the city we’ll do everything we can, working with our partners, to maintain stability at a time of immense challenge. Leeds is a resilient city and has withstood many shocks to the economy before which has helped us to support business and communities in times of difficulty.

“I have called for an urgent meeting with business leaders in the city and together we want to make it clear that Leeds remains open for business. We will be working actively with Government to secure commitment to the many major schemes we are working on at the moment.

“It’s clear this vote shows a much divided Britain but many people have an enormous dissatisfaction with a remote and out of touch national political elite. We will continue to work to make sure we can deliver our desire for more decision making and resources to be passed down to a local level in the best interests of the people we represent.

“Leeds has established far reaching partnerships across the world. We will continue to work together so the many European and other foreign owned businesses that have helped drive the success of our city are supported to continue to invest, to ensure the many thousands of jobs created here by them are protected.

“The gross unfairness of funding between different geographic areas of the country has had a profound influence in fuelling dissatisfaction in our communities. It’s now essential we work to address the inequalities and the major under funding of our public services. Whatever happens we must continue to work together to make sure in to the future that young people continue to have the opportunities they need to thrive and prosper.”

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