25 Nov 2020

Statement from Cllr Judith Blake in response to Spending Review announcement today


Responding to today’s Spending Review announcement, the leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor Judith Blake, said:

“We are currently working our way through the detail of the Chancellor’s Spending Review announcements around additional support for councils and levelling up so we can assess what this means for us as a council and a city moving forward into the next financial year.

“It’s important councils are properly funded so they can play their part in the recovery from the pandemic, be that through track and trace, mass vaccination, or the building of infrastructure to help create jobs and investment in cities like Leeds.  As a result of coronavirus and other pressures, Leeds City Council has an estimated funding gap of £118.8m next financial year, so it’s important the government provides more funding to protect vital local services.

“What must not happen is another era of austerity, as we have seen over the last decade the damage that has been done to local public services. Sustained investment in public services and infrastructure is desperately needed to enable the economic recovery we need in these extraordinary times.”

For media enquiries contact:

Colin Dickinson
Leeds City Council