11 Oct 2023

Senior councillors set to agree demolition of six high-rise buildings


Members of Leeds City Council’s executive board are set to approve plans to rehouse residents and demolish six high rise buildings, across Leeds.

The six tower blocks, initially constructed in the 1960’s, have exceeded their original design life, and would require significant investment for them to be brought up to an appropriate standard to have a future, as part of the council’s housing estate.

Although the blocks remain safe at present, in light of financial pressures and the significant cost of delivering remedial work, the decision to demolish the six sites is set to be approved.

The future use and development of the sites will be subject to further review, with the ambition to facilitate the delivery of good quality affordable housing on the sites.

Extensive consultation has already taken place with residents in Bailey Towers, Brookland Towers and Ramshead Heights in Seacroft, Leafield Towers in Moortown, and Raynville Court and Raynville Grange in Armley, who will be fully supported through the rehousing process.

To enable council tenants to find new homes, the council’s executive board is set to agree to prioritise their housing applications, so that they are successfully rehoused into suitable long-term housing. Tenants who have lived in their homes for 12 months or more will also qualify for compensation.

A copy of the full report that will be discussed at Leeds City Council's executive board on Wednesday 18 October can be found Council and democracy (leeds.gov.uk)

Councillor Jess Lennox, Leeds City Council’s executive member for housing said, “The demolition of the tower blocks is an important step towards future proofing the council’s housing stock, ensuring that we meet our commitment to delivering good quality and affordable homes for residents.

“However, we understand the impact that this will have on our residents across the sites, and I would like to extend my thanks for their constructive engagement with the council so far.

“We’ve undertaken extensive and proactive consultation with all of our impacted residents and will continue to do so as we are absolutely committed to ensuring any disruption is minimal. We will continue to ensure that all residents are supported through the rehousing process, to see that they are successfully rehoused into homes that suit them for the long term.”



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