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14 Apr 2016

Self-build register open for business


An online register for people interested in building their own home is now open for business.

The self-build register allows anyone thinking about building their own home or getting involved in a community custom-build project to log their details with Leeds City Council.

The register also allows people to let the council know what type of project would-be-builders are interested in, their knowledge and experience and preferred locations.

The information provided will allow the council to track demand for self- and custom-build across the city.

By understanding the needs of those who want to build their own homes in Leeds, the council can tailor support and provide appropriate guidance.

Across the country, self-building is becoming an increasingly accessible way to home-ownership explained Councillor Richard Lewis, executive member for regeneration, transport and planning.

Councillor Lewis said:

“Self-build and custom-build housing has a key role to play in providing new housing nationwide. Although it’s not for everyone it’s an increasingly popular way of bringing home ownership within people’s reach, creating housing that’s right for them.

“In Leeds we have some fantastic examples of not just self-built homes, but communities that have been created. Anyone who would like to follow their example should join the register.

“By doing so we can gauge interest and provide expertise, for example with procurement or planning, as well as use the information to inform and shape our strategy.”

The register can be found at:

Establishing the register is a requirement of the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015.

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