01 Mar 2022

Record breaking number of first preference secondary school places offered in Leeds

School places

Families applying for their child’s secondary school place for September 2022 are receiving their offers today (1 March).

The number of children who have been offered their first preference school is once again the highest it has been in Leeds at 8230 (7825 last year). 

Leeds City Council has made 9877 year 7 place offers in Leeds schools for September 2022, a decrease of 15 from the offers made last year.

Councillor Jonathan Pryor, Leeds City Council’s deputy leader and executive member for economy, culture and education, said:

“I am pleased that we have once again increased the number of young people allocated their first preference school. We have worked hard to increase the amount of secondary provision across the city to ensure Leeds is the best city to live and grow up in. Those who are unhappy with their offer do have other options. Your offer letter contains all the information you need about what to do next.”

Any parent who has not received a preferred offer can send back the waiting list request form by 15 March 2022.  This will ensure that their child is placed on the waiting list for their preferred schools at the earliest point and give them the greatest chance of being offered a place there if any become free. Waiting lists are held in order of the priorities within the admission policy, not first come first served. Families are recommended to include any school where they receive catchment or nearest priority as one of their preferences if they didn’t include this on the initial application.

Families can also request an appeal against any refusal to offer a place. For the appeal to be heard before school starts, it must be submitted  by 29 March 2022. Appeals requested after this will be heard within 40 school days, but this may not be before the end of term. Appealing can prolong uncertainly for children, so we advise families look at the grounds for appealing as they are only granted in exceptional circumstances.

Parents need to accept their offer of a school place as soon as possible by contacting the school directly. Parents who wish to decline their offer need to make sure they have another offer, or a plan for how their child will receive education, first.

More information and support can be found at www.leeds.gov.uk/offerday 


8230 children were given their 1st preference which is 85%. This was 7825 or 80% last year

765 children were given their 2nd preference which is 7.8% This was 842 or 8.6% last year

240 children were given their 3rd preference which is 2.4%. This was 312 or 3% last year

113 children were given their 4th preference which is 1%. This was 128 last year

35 children were given their 5th preference which is <1% This was 71 last year

335 or 3.4% children were not offered any of their preferences and were made an alternative (placement) offer at the closest school with an available place. This was 597 or 6% last year.

Of these, 319 did not include a preference for their catchment priority school.  Of the 335 placement offers, 198 are offered their catchment priority school, despite not requesting it.  

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