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17 Dec 2015

Parking rules for new developments approved


Plans to ensure Leeds remains a visitor and shopping destination of choice are being supported by new parking guidelines have been approved this week.

Members of the executive board have approved a new parking supplementary planning document that sets out where and how parking should be provided in new developments.

Policies within the document have been refreshed to help encourage choice when developers are considering how to help people get from A to B.

To ensure the city centre retains its vitality, new short and medium stay car parks will be encouraged. Planning conditions will ensure pricing, length of stays and opening times don’t add to congestion at peak travel times.

As the city centre continues to grow and develops, the zones where the parking rules are applied have been updated. They also include the potential for a new permanent city centre car park with up to 500 spaces if certain criteria are met.

Supporting economic development across the entire city is complemented by policies that encourage and promote the take up of low carbon transport. New developments should provide more electric vehicle charging points and facilities for car share and car club parking.

The rules for bikes and motorbikes have been strengthened while other rules have been relaxed, for example, shifting to expected parking standards rather than maximum levels to allow for site specific discussions and more generous parking to be allowed at call centre developments.

Parking, in line with the aims of the core strategy, plays an important part in allowing businesses and the economy across the city to prosper.

Councillor Richard Lewis, executive member for regeneration, transport and planning, said:

“We’re absolutely clear that the right amount, quality and type of parking are key to ensuring the viability of the Leeds’ economy.

“This has to be balanced with other competing priorities like managing demand, allowing a turnover of spaces, keeping transport moving, encouraging people to make the most of public transport, park and ride and green transport options as well as improving air quality.

“So, as well as providing sufficient parking for everything from bikes to electric vehicles, we need give people choice in what is the most appropriate mode of transport for them.

“By pulling everything into one place we can demonstrate that these requirements have been considered to provide the right levels of parking for different vehicles and transport options in appropriate locations.”

The supplementary planning document sets out the role of planning policies and the importance of good, appropriately sited parking for encouraging choice across a range of travel modes, park and ride, public and sustainable transport.

With an increasing focus on improving people’s health by reducing emissions from transport, the new planning document looks to ensure that adequate space and facilities are provided for low emission vehicles.

The draft parking supplementary planning document does not recommend any changes to charging for on- or off-street council-run car parking.

A copy of the executive board report can be found on the council’s website.

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