NHS Health Check plans get the all clear for Leeds: nhshealthcheckbanner-primary-31032014-595493.jpg

20 Nov 2018

NHS Health Check plans get the all clear for Leeds

Health Wellbeing

With a successful record of delivering the NHS Health Check programme at a level almost ten percent higher than the national average, Leeds is looking to improve uptake of the checks - aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and certain types of dementia - even more.

NHS Health Checks are targeted at adults between 40 and 74, and are a great way to spot health warning signs and offer support and advice to reduce or manage any risks.

People who haven’t been diagnosed with one of the conditions will normally be invited once every five years to have a NHS Health Check. From April 2019, Leeds City Council has arranged for Leeds General Practitioners Confederation to carry out the checks, continuing the NHS local delivery of this life saving service.

Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council Director of Public Health, said:

“Last year, 28,150 people in Leeds were invited for a check by their GP and 20,412 attended. This meant 1,379 people have been diagnosed with Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and are now being managed via the appropriate pathway.

“As well as this, 416 people were found to be at high risk of cardiovascular disease and a further 1,231 at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. By having their NHS Health Check these people will now get support to change their lifestyles to help reduce their risk.”

Wendy Pearson, for Leeds GP Federation, said:

“We know people generally want to be able to access health services locally and like to use their local GP practice. We’re delighted the new contract means people will be provided with the opportunity to have their NHS Health Check at a time which is more convenient to them. The flexible approach will allow more evening and weekend appointments.”

“We’re really keen people don’t ignore their invitation because not only can NHS Health Checks be life-saving, they can also give people some peace of mind. So if you are 40-74 years old and think you may have missed out on a NHS Health Check and you haven’t been invited in the last five years, please contact your GP practice who can ask if you need to book an appointment.”

Councillor Rebecca Charlwood, Leeds City Council executive member for adults and health, said:

“I am delighted Leeds has been so successful at delivering NHS health checks. The checks are a great way to make sure you’re warned if you are at risk of some of the most common problems which result in a range of illnesses. This is another example of the way we are working across the city with our NHS partners to deliver health and care in communities and improve the health of the poorest fastest.”

More information about the NHS Health checks can be found at: http://bit.ly/leedshealthcheck

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