26 Mar 2015

New cycle safety scheme for key city routes

Caption: Councillor Gerry Harper cycles on some of the new safety surfacing.

New markings have been put in place at accident hot spots in
Leeds in a bid to make the city a safer place to cycle.

The red surfacing has been introduced to highlight side road
junctions along the A660 and the A65 and in turn help reduce the number of accidents
between cyclists and turning vehicles.

In the past five years, 34 per cent of all incidents in
which cyclists have been killed or seriously injured on Leeds’s A-roads have
happened on those stretches of highway.

The new markings and surfacing are designed to make drivers
more aware of the possible presence of cyclists and follows on from a scheme
earlier this year which saw posters put in place between Victoria Road and Glen
Road, warning cyclists and drivers to stay alert.

As well as the new surfacing, the latest project will
include a refresh of the white line road markings and a pilot initiative, where
reflective tabards, reflectors and lights will be distributed to cyclists on
site in collaboration with the universities, cycling groups and Leeds Cycling

Councillor Gerry
Harper, Leeds City Council’s lead member for transport and economy
, said:

“After the incredible success of the Tour de France, we’ve
seen more and more people in Leeds taking up cycling both for leisure and
commuting, which is a fantastic legacy for the event and the city.

“However, that means more bikes on the city’s roads and, as a
consequence, more cyclists being injured- particularly on these stretches of
road which are two of the main cycle routes in and out of the city centre.

“We’re very keen that people of all ages who want to enjoy
the health and transport benefits of cycling can do so but we need to have the
measures in place to make sure cyclists and motorists are aware of each other.

“That way we can minimise the number of accidents and ensure
motorists and cyclists can share the road safely.”

Consultation on the project has included universities,
emergency services and the Leeds Cycle Action Group.


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