25 Mar 2015

Maypole returns to historic Otley square

Picture caption: (Top) - Cllr Mark Dobson welcomes back the impressive Otley maypole to Manchester Square.

Picture caption: (Bottom) - Cllr Mark Dobson unveils a new information board as part of a ceremony to mark the return of the Otley maypole.

Following the completion of installation work, a maypole is now once again standing proudly in a historic Otley square.

A new information board was unveiled at the occasion to mark the official return of the maypole to Manchester Square, which formed part of a £56k project by Leeds City Council. This follows the previous pole in the square having to be taken down last year due to safety concerns after an inspection found cubicle brown rot at its base.

Present to welcome back the maypole to the square was Cllr Mark Dobson who was joined by members of Otley Town Council and other local representatives.

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s executive member for cleaner, safer and stronger communities said:

"It was a real honour to be in Otley’s Manchester Square to mark the official return of the maypole, which has been a permanent and popular fixture in the community for many decades.

"While a project like this might seem a simple one, a lot of work does have to be undertaken from both a planning and implementation point of view and we are very grateful for the advice and support from Otley Town Council on many different aspects of this scheme."

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