18 May 2022

Leeds City Council to receive new funding to improve drug and alcohol treatment provision across the city

Leeds City Council is to receive enhanced funding, over the next three years, to improve drug and alcohol treatment provision across the city.

The initial grant, from the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, is worth £2.8 million pounds and is part of a wider national push to create “world class” treatment services and will primarily be used to invest in drug and alcohol services provided by Forward Leeds.

An integrated city-wide service, Forward Leeds supports adults and young people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol, through dedicated prevention, early intervention and tailored programmes, supporting people to achieve and sustain recovery.

With three main hubs across Leeds and a recovery centre, the service supports some the city’s most vulnerable residents to achieve and sustain recovery from drug and alcohol issues. Forward Leeds is one of the biggest drug and alcohol services in England and is a partnership commissioned by Leeds City Council public health, made up of staff from Humankind, BARCA-Leeds, St Anne’s Community Services and the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

Forward Leeds has seen a rise in demand for its services, with the additional funding intended to help the service meet this demand.

There is no threshold for residents across Leeds to seek support from Forward Leeds and anyone who is struggling with the impact of drug or alcohol use is encouraged to seek assistance.  To find out more about the service, or to get help, visit Forward Leeds.

Councillor Salma Arif, executive board member for public Health and active lifestyles, said: “The enhanced funding for drug and alcohol treatment and recovery is great news for Leeds. It will increase the quality and capacity of drug and alcohol treatment and recovery service provision in the city.

“This investment will mean that services will be more able to support people and communities across Leeds who are struggling with, or affected by, substance use.”

Victoria Eaton, director of public health for Leeds City Council, said: “Drug and alcohol use affects individuals and their families, and poses a significant challenge to our communities across Leeds. Forward Leeds carries out vital work to help and support individuals to achieve and sustain recovery from drug and alcohol use.

 “This new investment is significant and will strengthen what is already one of the best performing drug and alcohol services in England, ensuring those who need it get the right support, at the right time, to the highest of standards.”


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