07 Dec 2018

Leeds City Council thrilled to host successful Right to Build Expo Yorkshire


Last week, Leeds City Council hosted the Right to Build Expo Yorkshire, helping to make the dream of building a home a reality for more people across the north of England.

The event took place on 29 November, and shared valuable insight into the custom, self-build and community-led housing sector, both nationally and locally.

The day was a huge success and was packed with advice to support a range of organisations including local authorities, landowners and community-led groups as they work to bring more sites to market.

The event was organised by a partnership of the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), the Right to Build Task Force and Wood for Good.

Leeds City Council hosted the event, and used it as a platform to share its vision for unlocking more owner-commissioned homes in the area, with examples of best practice and learnings from the council’s approach.

The event also offered an opportunity for the Right to Build Task Force to showcase its range of work, and illustrate the diversity of the sector.

Leeds City Council has an online register for people interested in self-build and custom build houses. By registering here, the council can get a better understanding of the needs of people who want to build their own home in Leeds.

If you need any additional information or have any further questions, you can contact Leeds City Council at selfbuild@leeds.gov.uk‚Äč.

Councillor Richard Lewis, Leeds City Council’s executive member for regeneration, transport and planning, said:

“We were thrilled to host Right to Build Expo Yorkshire last week. The response we have had to previous self-build events held across the city has been fantastic and, once again, attendance on the day and feedback has been brilliant. The event was a great opportunity for those interested in hearing more about self-build to hear from a range of experts from the sector on how best to get started and the best practice on how to develop their own programmes.

"Technology in this area moves quickly and changes to how we think about building homes allows house construction to be in reach for everyone, not just traditional builders. By helping people across Leeds access the tools and information needed to build their own home, the expo offers a life changing and life enhancing approach to house building.

“We are always keen to hear from people across different trades to help connect them to different people that they may not otherwise meet and holding events like these with partners are crucial to ensuring we do this.

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