Leeds City Council reinforces focus on public safety with new WalkSafe app partnership: WalkSafeLeeds

06 Oct 2023

Leeds City Council reinforces focus on public safety with new WalkSafe app partnership

Safer Leeds

New app is now live and free to download

Leeds City Council has enhanced its commitment to keeping people safe when out around the city by joining forces with an online safety app.

The WalkSafe Leeds personal safety app is free to download now via https://qrco.de/be9KlK, offering a range of features to help people feel safe throughout the day and night.

Aimed primarily at women and girls, it is available to everyone as a way of route planning, alerting friends as to your current location, as well as where the nearest help and support is located if it is needed.

The WalkSafe Leeds app which is now live includes the following features:

WalkSafe - Type in your destination and share your route with selected friends. Includes an estimated time of arrival so your family and friends know when you should arrive. 

HomeSafe - Share your route and estimated time of arrival with friends and loved ones. This  feature will automatically alert your loved ones if you fail to arrive at your destination on time. 

Friends - Add trusted friends to the app so you can easily let your friends know where you are at what time.

SOS - hold down the SOS button to alert your friends immediately that you are in danger.

Reporting – Issues or concerns can be raised and reported anonymously using the reporting tools available

The app also includes information on local support and help available if needed, such as the locations of ‘Ask for Angela’ venues in Leeds, of which there are now more than 600 across the city. These locations can also be seen at the online map at Ask for Angela - Women Friendly Leeds.

At these venues, anyone can say the code word ‘Angela’ to staff to signal they feel uncomfortable or are in a difficult situation and would like assistance. Staff will then be able to offer help, for example by calling a taxi or providing a safe space.

Further support in Leeds is offered by the city centre ‘Street Marshals’ who provide a highly-visible additional presence during the night, to keep the streets safe and help people get home.  These marshals are security industry accredited, undergo vigorous training and record any actions on their bodyworn video cameras to help prevent and de-escalate situations on the street.  They are connected to Business Against Crime In Leeds (Bacil) via a secure radio network and the council's CCTV system, and if needed they can seek a police response.

Every Saturday night in Leeds also sees the Women’s Night Safe Space in operation between 10pm and 3am outside the Corn Exchange. This is a non-judgemental safe bus for women and girls to come to, or be referred to if they feel concerned, unsafe, unwell or vulnerable. Fully trained staff are on-hand for support and advice as well as offering water, refreshments and warm drinks, with mobile phone charging facilities also available. 

Leeds City Council executive member for resources with responsibility for Safer Leeds Councillor Debra Coupar said:

“Everyone has the right to be safe in our city and to enjoy a fun night out in Leeds, and our work does not stop on continually looking at new ways to do everything we can to ensure that happens.

“We are very pleased to be partnering with WalkSafe as a modern new element in our support for people, helping them feel safe and supported with help available at their fingertips through their phone if they need it. Together with the range of other measures of support available the council and its partners remains firmly committed to keeping people safe at all times.”

Founder of WalkSafe Emma Kay said:

“Here at WalkSafe are delighted to have partnered with Leeds City Council in developing and launching our new enhanced safe space icons. This enables women and marginalised groups to plan safer nights safe in the knowledge that they can find venues with safety initiatives in place and trained staff available.”

The work on public safety in Leeds also been further boosted by the recent launch of the ‘Just Don’t’ campaign by the Mayor of West Yorkshire Tracy Brabin to tackle violence against women and girls in the wider region. For more information on that campaign visit Just Don't - West Yorkshire Combined Authority (westyorks-ca.gov.uk)

Notes to editors:

The ‘Ask for Angela’ scheme was launched in Leeds in November 2021, as part of a wider campaign to reduce violence and harassment against women and girls. Venues can register to be part of the scheme by emailing: AskForAngelaLeeds@leeds.gov.uk

For more information on the Women’s Night Safe Space visit Womens Night Safe Space - Women Friendly Leeds


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