Leeds City Council offering businesses access to free health and wellbeing resources to support employees: PHRC 1200x675 press release (1)

13 Feb 2024

Leeds City Council offering businesses access to free health and wellbeing resources to support employees

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Sign up now to the Public Health Resource Centre

Leeds City Council’s Public Health Resource Centre (PHRC) is calling on all businesses in the city to sign up to access free resources and signposting to encourage good health and wellbeing within the workplace.

The PHRC, based at Technorth in Chapel Allerton, offers advice and access to a range of physical resources and training on key health and wellbeing topics including mental health, physical activity, cancer prevention and support, healthy eating, debt worries, gambling, drugs and alcohol, and stopping smoking.

Positive health and wellbeing has been proven as being crucial for improving employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Businesses which prioritise workforce wellbeing see considerable benefits to their organisation. Good quality resources and signposting are an essential factor for being equipped to support employee wellbeing.

Membership to the PHRC is free via https://www.leeds.gov.uk/phrc, and is open to anyone in Leeds with a responsibility or professional interest in public health or promoting health and wellbeing, including businesses supporting their staff. This can be in a variety of roles and responsibilities, from managers, human resources officers, mental health first aiders and wellbeing champions to help equip businesses with what they need to implement their own health and wellbeing strategies.

After signing up, members will have access to browse the catalogue of resources online or can visit the hub at Technorth on Harrogate Road, which is open Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday 9am-4pm. They will have the option to be subscribed to a monthly newsletter giving updates on new resources, upcoming training opportunities, and key public health community campaigns. All of the information and advice signposted by the PHRC is carefully curated and approved by public health specialists in the city.

The service is managed by Leeds City Council, one of the few local authorities in the country to offer such resources in this way.

Membership numbers at PHRC reached over 2,000 at the beginning of the pandemic, and they are now rising again across all sectors in Leeds, including GPs, midwives, nurses, teachers, youth workers, support workers, volunteers and community workers.

Leeds City Council has a commitment as a Mindful Employer supporting health and wellbeing in its own workforce, including having 850 trained mental health first aiders, as well as supporting and encouraging the same approach in its partners, stakeholders and the wider city. The aim now is to get as many businesses signed up to the PHRC as possible.

Leeds City Council executive member for adult social care, public health and active lifestyles Councillor Salma Arif said:  

“We are very proud of our work as a Mindful Employer and our commitment to encouraging good health and wellbeing across Leeds remains a key priority. The Public Health Resource Centre is a fantastic asset offering a range of important information and guidance as approved by leading health professionals in the city. We would encourage all relevant professionals and businesses to sign up and make the most of this wonderful free resource.”

To find out more about the Public Health Resource Centre visit https://www.leeds.gov.uk/phrc.


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