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07 Sep 2015

Housing regeneration project is secured by design

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Tenants living in new build properties on the council’s housing regeneration project have the peace of mind that their home is helping to reduce crime.

All 388 newly constructed homes as part of the flagship housing scheme in Little London, Beeston Hill and Holbeck are being built to Secured by Design standards.

The council’s partners, sc4L and Keepmoat, have incorporated physical safety measures into each home while the layout and positioning of buildings helps to remove the opportunity for crime.

The extensive list of measures include front doors made of composite materials with high quality locks, windows meeting set standards and meters located at the front of homes to dissuade bogus meter readers.

Being visible is a key part of the Secured by Design principles so front doors can be seen from four others, car parking is to the front of properties and open and shared areas are laid out to provide open views.

By integrating the Secured by Design principles, the housing regeneration project has aimed to reduce crime from the earliest possible opportunity.

The latest phase of homes to be completed at Malvern Road have now been officially certified as secured by design by West Yorkshire Police.

Councillor Debra Coupar, executive member for communities, said:

“We’ve deliberately looked well beyond the bricks and mortar of the housing regeneration project to help people build a sense of community and improve their quality of life. We can only do this if they feel safe.

“The beauty of the Secured by Design measures is that they don’t detract from the quality of the homes and wider environmental improvements we’re making while acting as a deterrent to criminals.”

Chief Inspector Nik Adams, who heads neighbourhood policing in south Leeds, said:

“The Secured by Design scheme sees crime prevention experts work with planning departments, architects and developers from the design stage to reduce the risk of crime in and around new buildings.

“New build homes in other parts of Leeds that have been built to Secured by Design standards have had a very positive effect on those communities and significantly reduced crime and we are sure these latest homes will bring similar benefits to residents and the wider community.”

Jon Hinchliff, sc4L general manager, said:

“Good design has resulted in properties that are sustainable, energy efficient, high quality and secure and you can’t put a value on people’s peace of mind when it comes to feeling safe.

Sean Corcoran, Keepmoat regional director, said:

“A mixture of Secured by Design products and design techniques alongside modern environmental features has helped us create places that people will be proud to call home.”

Research shows that secured by design developments are half as likely to be burgled and show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.

sc4L and Keepmoat have now completed 150 of 388 new properties that will be available to rent. They have also recently handed over to tenants the 1000th of 1,245 homes being refurbished.

Secured by Design focuses on crime prevention of homes and commercial premises and promotes the use of security standards for a wide range of applications and products.

The principles have been proven to achieve a reduction of crime risk by up to 75%, by combining minimum standards of physical security and well-tested principles of natural surveillance and defensible space.

Secured by design products and principles include:

  • Front door to be overlooked from four different vantage points
  • Car parking located at the front of premises which can be over looked secured by front gates
  • Rear gardens fenced in with lockable rear access
  • Gas, electric, water meter all positioned to the front of the property to dissuade bogus meter readers
  • The front door to be of composite materials with top quality door locks, a door viewer with protected letter box
  • The windows to be a certain quality including the glass and windows to have locks and opening restrictors
  • Alarm installed or a spur to enable one to be fitted
  • Front and rear dusk till dawn lighting
  • Street lighting to a certain standard
  • The lay out of the estate to ensure open vistas and surveillance, the removal of areas that could attract anti-social behaviour

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