26 Aug 2015

Council tenant evicted from property in Middleton due to anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour

A council tenant has been evicted from a property in south Leeds after failing to heed a series of warnings regarding their anti-social behaviour.

Ms Tracey Webster has had to leave 179 Sissons Road in Middleton after a Warrant to Evict was secured by the Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team (LASBT) and partners including West Yorkshire Police at Leeds Magistrates Court. This follows a range of anti-social behaviour by the tenant that included the playing of loud music, shouting, screaming and intimidation and threats against both neighbours and council staff.

Previously the tenant had received a Section 80 Noise Abatement Notice warning regarding the level of noise at the property and after this was ignored, noise equipment was also removed from the house. Despite this action, no positive change in behaviour was forthcoming, and it was then that a Possession Order and subsequently a Warrant to Evict was sought.

Any residents suffering from anti-social behaviour can get in touch with LASBT in the following ways: To report in the daytime call 0113 222 4402 or out of hours on 0113 395 0143 (between 6pm and 3.30am).

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council’s executive board member with responsibility for Safer Leeds said:

“Applying for an eviction notice is always the last resort, but we were left with no option after this particular tenant refused to change their ways despite a number of warnings and action taken against them which included a section 80 notice and seizure of noise equipment.

“There are a range of tools at our disposal to tackle anti-social behaviour, and we will not hesitate to use them with partners if someone is found to be making the lives of neighbours a misery. Anti-social behaviour is real blight on our communities and something that will not be tolerated in any shape or form.

“If you, or a friend or family are experiencing anti-social behaviour, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated LASBT team as soon as possible.”

Superintendent Sam Millar, who heads Safer Leeds, said:

The behaviour of the tenant was having a really negative impact on the lives of other residents, and it was clear that when the problems were still persisting after previous preventions, we needed to move forward with a lasting long-term solution.

“We hope that in securing this eviction, a loud and clear message is sent out to other people who think they can get away with making other peoples’ lives a misery that strong action will be taken to put a stop to it.”

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