19 May 2016

Council tenant evicted following anti-social behaviour

A tenant has been evicted from a council property in East Ardsley due to anti-social behaviour.

Following the Leeds Anti-social Behaviour Team (LASBT) and partners including West Yorkshire Police securing a Warrant to Evict order at Leeds County Court, Mr Aaron Barrow, 26, will no longer be able to gain access or live at the property of 45 Cherry Tree Walk.

Steps were taken to obtain an eviction order following a range of anti-social behaviour at the property. This included; loud noise from a TV, arguing, banging and shouting, screaming and also continued barking from a dog living in the home. Drivers were also found to be beeping their car horns outside the property late at night.

Previous attempts to resolve the issues by LASBT and partners were ignored by the tenant despite the issuing of a Section 80 Noise Abatement Notice and a Notice of Intention to Seek Possession, and it was then that a Possession Order subsequently followed by an eviction order was sought through the courts.

Any residents suffering from anti-social behaviour are asked to contact LASBT as soon as possible in the following ways: To report in the daytime call 0113 222 4402 or out of hours on 0113 3950143 (between 6pm and 3.30am).

Neil Evans, Leeds City Council’s director of environment and housing, said:

“After attempts to address the various types of anti-social behaviour at this property were continually ignored, a decision was taken by the council and partners in the best interests of the local community to pursue an eviction order through the courts against this particular tenant.

“We know at first hand the misery that anti-social behaviour can have on the day-to-day lives of residents, and I would like to offer this reassurance that the council will use every tool at its disposal to put a stop to it as soon as is practically possible.

“I would ask anyone who is suffering from anti-social behaviour to please not suffer from silence and to contact our dedicated LASBT team immediately.”

Superintendent Sam Millar, who heads Safer Leeds, said:

“This latest action around this particular property should demonstrate our ongoing to commitment to making full use of the available legislation to target behaviour that impacts negatively on the quality of life of the community as a whole.

“People who persist in this type of behaviour should recognise that there are consequences and we hope the action we have taken here will serve as a deterrent to others.”

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