14 Mar 2018

Council Brings Forward More Primary school places for North Leeds


Leeds City Council’s executive board will consider recommendations to permanently expand Allerton Church of England Primary School when it meets next week.

Following several rounds of consultation and engagement with parents, residents and school communities in the area a report recommending the school expands from a capacity of 420 pupils to 630 pupils – 90 per year group – from September 2018.

The report also covers the permanent expansion of Beeston Hill St Luke’s C of E primary school from 315 to 420 pupils from September 2018. This will add 315 school places to the city wide total. Equivalent to over 10 new classes.

Cllr Lisa Mulherin, Executive member for children and families said:

“This further investment in school places in Leeds is part of our ambition for Leeds to be the best city to live and grow up in and commitment to providing good learning places for local children.

“By working in partnership with these schools and the communities they serve we’re able to ensure families there will have access to local schools in the years to come.”

The learning places programme in Leeds has added over 1600 new reception places since 2009 in response to increases in population following a year on year rise in birth rates.


Proposals for Beeston Hill St Luke’s C of E are to increase the admission number from 45 to 60 from September 2018 and to establish provision for children with complex communication difficulties including those with a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Condition for approximately 8 children with effect from September 2019.


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