Chance to make some deer friends at Lotherton this summer: IMG 7770

07 Aug 2023

Chance to make some deer friends at Lotherton this summer

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Visitors to Lotherton can join the herd this summer and get a rare, up close look at the estate’s stunning resident red deer.

The popular Aberford estate has been home to red deer since the 1980s, and today an estimated 45-strong herd, led by an impressive stag affectionately known as Teddy, lives in Lotherton’s specially maintained deer park.

Over the school summer holidays, visitors can join a brand new programme of tractor trailer tours, with staff taking them out into the park and amongst the herd as they learn more about the magnificent animals and their habitat.

Mark Scott general estate manager at Lotherton, said: "We have been practicing with a brand new custom built trailer for over a week now.

"We are delighted that we can offer this very rare up close and personal experience with our herd, which is already proving to be very popular. We are delighted that members of the public can share the experience we have every day when we go in and tend to the deer."

The UK's largest species of deer, red deer can grow up to 225kg and live up to 18 years. Lotherton’s lone stag Teddy lives alongside around 45 hinds, or female deer, and is distinguishable by his large antlers. Male red deer antlers can grow to more than a metre wide and weigh much as 15kg.

During their breeding season in the Autumn, known as the rut, males will employ their fearsome antlers to fight over females.

Following the breeding season, hinds normally give birth to a single calf which will be born with a spotted coat to hide it from predators. At Lotherton, calves are cared for by their mother for until they’re strong enough to be independent before they go on to live at other farms and parks.

Visitors will be able to take a tractor tour of the deer park Monday-Friday throughout the summer holidays.

As well as being home to the deer herd, Lotherton also cares for a variety of other species including Chilean flamingos, critically endangered Visayan warty pigs and Arthur, the attraction’s resident tapir, which are all housed at the estate’s spectacular Wildlife World attraction.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council's executive member for climate, energy, environment and green space, said: “Lotherton is home to a spectacular array of wildlife, giving visitors a unique opportunity to learn more about these incredible animals and how we can each play our part in protecting and conserving both them and the natural world.

“It’s wonderful to see the team there thinking of new and innovative ways for the people of Leeds to experience the amazing things this historic site has to offer.”

Trailer tours coast £5 per person, with under threes going free and are not included with general admission. For more information about visiting Lotherton, including admission times and prices, please visit: Lotherton Hall and Estate - Leeds Museums & Galleries


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