03 Jun 2021

Business hit with a £5154 bill for fly-tipping in a resident’s garden.

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Fines and costs totalling £5154 were issued to a shop and its owner in Harehills for fly-tipping, following a successful investigation by Leeds City Council’s Cleaner Neighbourhoods team.

Both the director Mr Ahmadzia Ismailzadah and the company, Jamales Junction, located on Roundhay Road, were prosecuted with both parties appearing in front of Leeds Magistrates Court on the 28th of May 2021 and pleading guilty to offences committed under section 34(1) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

This came after a successful investigation into the origin of waste that was found fly-tipped in a resident’s garden in Harehills. The fly tip contained plastic wrapping, cardboard and the crucial piece of evidence, a V5 car document.

Enforcement officers were able to identify the offending parties using this evidence and conducted a thorough investigation around waste disposal arrangements at the company, leading to the prosecution.

All businesses are required by law to have a means of disposal in place for their business waste, and to keep records of such disposal.  In this case it was found that Jamales Junction had no contract in place and were unable to produce any records to show how their trade waste was being legally and responsibly disposed of.

As a result of the guilty plea Mr Ahmadzia Ismailzadah was fined £430 and instructed to pay £500 costs and victim surcharge of £43, totalling £973, by the magistrate’s court. Whilst Jamales Junction Ltd was fined £3000 and instructed to pay £100 costs and victim surcharge of £181 totalling £4181.

Councillor Mohammed Rafique, Leeds City Council’s executive member for Environment and Housing said:

“Leeds City council have a very clear message: we will not tolerate illegal fly tipping, fly posting and environmental crimes of any kind.

We will continue to actively pursue offenders and will take all actions available to us to prevent this irresponsible and illegal behaviour.”

For media enquiries contact:

Nick Jones
Leeds City Council