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Comment on National Living Wage Foundation announcement

Cllr Judith Blake, Leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“In the last year approximately 2,700 of our lowest paid officers have seen their salaries increase due to the council paying the Living Wage Foundation minimum pay rate of £8.75 and from April 2019 our minimum pay rate for all current council employees will rise to £9.18 per hour, 18p higher than the NLF recommended rate announced today.

“We feel it’s important to recognise the vital role all of our front line staff play in the city from cleaning our streets and buildings, serving school dinners or working in sports centres, to caring for those who are vulnerable and in need of support. In addition this extra money will be felt in the local economy helping to grow our city further. Leeds is proud to invest in higher wages for low paid staff and in working with partners and suppliers to do the same.”