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Book of Condolence for Orlando Victims

A book of condolence for the victims of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, will be returning to Leeds Civic Hall tomorrow, Wednesday 22 June. The book is being made available to sign at locations across the city, and is being brought back to the Portland Crescent reception at the Civic Hall following the high number of people who were unable to sign it when it was there earlier in the week.

When complete the book will then be sent to the people of Orlando as a mark of respect and solidarity with the LGBT* community there.

Lord Mayor of Leeds Councillor Gerry Harper said:

The people of Leeds are invited to contribute to a book of condolence to show our respects to those killed and injured in Orlando last weekend.

"Leeds has a strong LBGT* community and we will continue to share their mourning as we remember those who perished in Orlando, those who were hurt and their loved ones.”

Councillor James Lewis, deputy leader of Leeds City Council said:

“The book of condolence will allow the people of Leeds to provide a real and lasting display of solidarity with the LGBT* community in Orlando and across the world.

"The book will stand as a marker for the compassion and strength of feeling we have for all our diverse communities and particularly our LGBT* community at this time.”

Harry Nettleton, representative of the Leeds LGBT* community added:

"Leeds stands side by side with Orlando, our LGBT* community is in mourning for our brothers and sisters, we will continue to be strong and fight for our freedom around the world. We are the biggest family in the world, and we send our love to Pulse, Orlando"

The book of condolence is being put together by members of Leeds LGBT* community who will also transport it to Orlando at the beginning of next month. After coming to the Civic Hall, the book will be available for the public to sign at Queens Court on Lower Briggate between 12pm and 9pm daily for the rest of the week