Views sought for part-night street lighting proposals

Leeds residents are being invited to take part in a consultation about proposals that could see some of the city’s street lamps being turned off at certain times each night.

With over 92,000 street lights around the city, consuming about £4 million of electricity every year, the council is keen to explore ways to help reduce carbon emissions and deal with the continuing increases in energy charges.

A recent study of existing street lighting showed that one in eight lamps on main roads and one in 14 lamps on residential roads could be safely switched off between midnight and 6am.

If introduced, the proposals could potentially save around £1.3 million on energy costs over the next ten years.

Councillor Richard Lewis, executive board member responsible for development and the economy said:

“We are committed to providing best value services to the people of Leeds, and in these challenging economic times this means looking differently at all of the things we do.

“We have already taken steps to reduce the amount of energy that our street lights use by installing more efficient lamps and trimming switching times, but there is potentially more that we could do.

“These proposals would enable us to save money that could then be reinvested into other council services.

“We understand that people may have their reservations about these proposals, which is why we are inviting views from all residents before we take this idea any further. We have also given very careful consideration to the areas that would be included to reduce any negative effects.”

Further investigation to confirm exactly which street lights would form part of the part-night switching proposals will be identified following on site risk assessments using the following principles.

Part-night switching will be avoided:

• On roads with a significant road traffic accident record during the proposed switch-off period.

• In areas with above average record of crime during the proposed switch-off period.

• In areas with a police record of frequent anti-social behaviour during the proposed switch-off period.

• In areas provided with CCTV local authority/police surveillance equipment.

• In areas with sheltered housing and other residences accommodating vulnerable people.

• Around 24hr operational emergency services sites including hospitals.

• At formal pedestrian crossings, subways, and enclosed footpaths and alleyways where one end links to a street that is lit all night.

• Where there are potential hazards on the highway such as roundabouts, central carriageway islands, chicanes and traffic calming features.

The consultation is open from 11 February to 12 April 2013. To take part in the survey please visit http://www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/pages/spnsles.aspx , or ask for a copy from your local one stop centre or library.


For media enquiries, please contact;

Claire Macklam, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 395 1578

Email: claire.macklam@leeds.gov.uk