Tonnes of furniture recycled in Leeds

Caption: Cllr Mark Dobson helping load the recycled furniture onto one of the vans.


Over a tonne of discarded furniture has been saved from landfill in Leeds to help the homeless and vulnerable.

Leeds City Council, West North West Homes Leeds and repairs contractor Morrison have worked with a network of charitable organisations to make sure any good quality furniture left behind by council tenants when they move out is never discarded.

The re-use network safety checks and stores the furniture until it can be collected by Leeds based charities that help the homeless and vulnerable, by selling decent, affordable second hand furniture in shops across the city.

The charities currently involved with the re-use network include St Jude’s, Emmaus and SLATE. It is not just tenants leaving furniture behind that means charities can recycle items. Any items that are in good condition, that people do not want any more can be most often collected or donated at shops across Leeds to help these charities.

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council executive board member with responsibility for the environment said:

“While many tenants leave their property clear and clean as they should do, from time to time we find perfectly good furniture that has been left behind.

“It would seem crazy to just throw these things away when charities can directly benefit and we’re keeping items out of landfill.

“So far we have collected many pieces of furniture through this scheme, including TVs, sofas and chairs.”


For media enquiries, please contact;

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