Thousands of pupils allocated their preferred primary school

Families applying for their child’s first primary school place received their offers today (16 April), with thousands of the city’s children being given a place at their first preference school from September 2013.

A total of 85 per cent of children will attend their first preference primary school, an increase from 84% in 2012 - while overall more than 95 per cent will attend one of their five preferences. A total of 9355 reception places have been allocated this year, which is 201 more than in 2012.

Alternative places have been offered to 434 children who did not get any of their five preferences (five per cent). Families are recommended to always include their nearest school as one of their preferences and to make sure they use all five preferences to get the best chance of being offered a preferred school.

The volume of applications makes the admissions process one of the biggest tasks in the education calendar.

Councillor Judith Blake, executive member responsible for children’s services said:

“For parents and carers, choosing a school for their children is one of the most important decisions they will make. These figures show that we are making good progress in increasing the number of children that are allocated a place at their preferred primary school.

"We do understand though how disappointing and distressing it is when people aren’t allocated their preferred school. We encourage parents to make sure they include their nearest school and use all five preferences to increase their chances of obtaining a place at a local school.

“In a very difficult environment we will continue to do everything we can to ensure parents have a full understanding of how the process works so that as many as possible receive their highest possible preference.”

The complete primary admissions figures for September 2013/14:

7949 (85%) children were given their first preference

636 (7%) children were given their second preference

207 (2%) children were given their third preference

89 (1%) children were given their fourth preference

40 (less than 1%) children were given their fifth preference

434 (5%) children were not able to be offered any of their preferences and were made an alternative offer.


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