Statement on government grant settlement for Leeds

Leader of Leeds City Council Councillor Keith Wakefield said:

“It is quite alarming that the core grant funding cut announced today for Leeds is even worse than we feared – 15.8 per cent down from last year when we had been expecting 14.9 per cent. That is only going to make an incredibly difficult situation even harder and I’m afraid there is no doubt this is now going to affect all areas of the council, including frontline services and undermining vital services for vulnerable people.

“Even using the government’s own measure of ‘spending power’, the cut for Leeds is yet again well above the national average and continues the sadly predictable trend of the north bearing the brunt compared to the south, with some councils there receiving increases which cannot be right. National bodies like the National Audit Office, Office for Budget Responsibility and Institute for Fiscal Studies have all warned that this continuing austerity is unsustainable and yet northern councils keep being asked to cut more when at the same time the Whitehall machine continues unchecked. That is simply not fair and serious questions need to be asked why that is.”


For media enquiries please contact:

Roger Boyde,

Leeds City Council press office,

Email: roger.boyde@leeds.gov.uk