Statement from Councillor Mark Dobson, regarding the clean-up operation in the city centre following the Leeds Festival

Councillor Mark Dobson, Leeds City Council's executive member for the environment said:

"While we fully support the Leeds Festival which is a great event in our city, the torrential downpours in the last few days have resulted in the cleanliness and condition of the city centre and some local areas being hit hard as people have made their way home en masse from the event.

"Our first priority is the clean-up operation, and we are currently working extremely hard with partners and have made additional resources available, to have this completed as soon as is practically possible.

"Once the work is completed, I will be seeking an urgent conversation with partners such as Network Rail to discuss their views and also the organisers to see how they can contribute to the excess cost of the clean-up which otherwise the Leeds tax-payer will now have to pay for.”

Councillor Rebecca Charlwood, Chair of the Licensing Committee said:

"When licensing these kinds of events we always look for a detailed management plan that includes dispersal arrangements to avoid disruption to the city.

"I will be seeking a meeting with the festival organisers to discuss the situation that has arisen today and to prevent anything similar occurring in the future."