Statement following the release of the NHS England Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery Services Review

Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Leeds City Council Executive member for Health and Wellbeing, and Chair of the Health & Wellbeing Board for Leeds said:

I welcome NHS England’s declaration today that “services at Leeds are safe and are running well”. The Leeds unit has been subject to greater scrutiny than any other. There have been many statements about the quality of service provided at the unit in the past, but NHS England’s statement today and the report into mortality figures reaffirms that the people of Leeds and the rest of Yorkshire and the Humber were right and are right to stand up and campaign to keep the unit open.

At the same time, the 16 families who provided their accounts for Professor Cantrill’s report had heartfelt concerns about their experience. We want the best care for all children who need it and the best support for their families. In that light we welcome the unequivocal commitment from the hospital’s Chief Executive to address the concerns raised in the report, and build on the work already done to address the recommendations made in the ‘Rapid Review’ in April 2013 and the Mortality Case Review.

Looking to the future, we firmly believe the Children’s Heart Unit in Leeds should continue to offer the valued contribution it makes to the region’s health care. We know the Leeds unit delivers vital and valued services to thousands of families every year, and we hope that the hospital can now concentrate on making those services the best they can be.

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