Sobering campaign makes students think about alcohol risks

Leeds students have come up with an innovative way to get their friends on campus to cut back on their alcohol consumption. As part of a competition organised by the college in conjunction with Leeds City Council’s Public Health team, they designed a targeted campaign using their own knowledge of the issue.

The competition saw 130 entries from 60 teams and individuals, with the winning entry chosen by an expert panel including Kerry Hazlewood (Leeds City College), Claire Roberts (Platform) and Julie Stafford (Public Health).

Panel judge Kerry Hazlewood said:

“We were extremely impressed by the way the team had realised the way that their message needed to make a difference to the people who saw it. They put in plenty of market research and tailored the product in a really clever way by focussing on the issues that really concerned young people, like alcohol-related violence. Their images were colourful and immediately grabbed your attention. It was very difficult to choose our winners."

Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Chair of the Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board, presented the award winners with their mini i-pads. She said:

“Although we know the number of young people in Leeds choosing not to drink has reduced by almost a tenth since 2009, we also know admissions to hospital as a result of alcohol intake for young people in Leeds are still worse than those regionally and nationally.

“This competition has been a great way to engage young people in raising awareness of the health and social problems that alcohol can cause. I was delighted to see the quality of the entries and it is encouraging to see young people using their creative talents to get involved.”

Danny Charlotte was a member of one of the winning teams. He said:

“We really thought about how to get the message across and decided to focus on negative words linked to alcohol pouring out of bottles. We wanted the point to be really obvious straight-away. We really didn't think we'd win and couldn't believe it when we did."

Rebecca Charlesworth's parents commented:

"Today couldn't come around quickly enough. We're incredibly proud of the hard work that went into this."


Notes for editors

Award winners were:

• Danny Charlotte and Emma Firth for their poster campaign

• Rebecca Charlesworth and Sarah Royston for their information leaflet.

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