Significant improvements to housing contractor’s performance

Housing repair contractor Morrison has shown good performance progress since Leeds City Council served a second improvement notice on the company last year.

Morrison, which has now been taken over by Mears, demonstrated improved performance in the delivery of the housing repairs contract, as shown at the end of the second service improvement period in December 2012.

The council and Mears are now working to develop a new start to the contract from the beginning of April. Responsibility for major adaptations has been taken back by the council to ensure that high standards of delivery and completion remain.

Councillor Peter Gruen, executive member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services said:

“I am glad to announce that there has been a sea-change in the performance of the “new” Morrison. The company is now achieving the contract standard on repairs and maintenance responsibilities, along with getting in excess of 90% of repairs right first time.

“We have seen an improvement of 50% in performance on empty properties which were being returned with works completed in 6 days and 10 days under the contracts for Aire Valley Homes and West North West Homes respectively during December 2012.

“I believe that the takeover of Morrison by Mears part way through the service improvement plan has made a substantial difference. Additional resources were brought into the Leeds contract at no extra cost to the council. This has enabled much of the outstanding work to be cleared.

“I am very pleased to see that the action the council has taken has led to this improved picture. I have made it absolutely clear to the new management of the company that from April there is no excuse for customers not to receive the service to which they are entitled. We are working towards reaching a full agreement and a new start from April. Customer service, quality and timeliness of work are of paramount concern to the council.”

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