Senior councillors to discuss halting plans for parking permit charges

Senior councillors will next week consider scrapping for now plans to introduce a fee for resident and visitor parking permits following public consultation.

The council undertook an extensive consultation exercise by asking for the views of around 10,500 Leeds residents.

Following the results of this, Leeds City Council’s executive board are expected to agree the decision when they meet next Wednesday.

In June, the executive board agreed to consult on the proposals to charge for the permits in light of the unprecedented budget pressures being faced by the authority.

But after receiving more than 4,200 responses from the public, senior councillors are set to not proceed any further with the introduction of fees at this time.

Councillor Richard Lewis, the council’s executive member for development and economy, said: “Like everyone in Leeds, in the current economic climate we are having to make some difficult decisions.

“The council has to save at least £36 million over the course of the next year and our options for generating income are reducing every day.

“However, despite these budget pressures, the views of our residents are always hugely important to any decision that we make.

“But whilst I believe we have done the right thing by fully consulting with the public before taking any decision, the financial gap – and consequent headache - still remains.”



1. Of the city’s 320,600 households, 16,200 are in areas which are covered by a parking permit scheme.

2. Of those, 10,500 currently hold free resident and visitor permits, with 21,374 individual permits being issued by the council.

3. The current annual running cost of residents parking permit schemes is £164,870.

4. During the consultation, 61 per cent of respondents said they felt their parking permit scheme had made parking near their home easier, with 52 per cent fully supporting the scheme.

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