Rosemont future under review

Council Deputy Leader Councillor Peter Gruen has held an urgent meeting with residents at the Rosemont in Bramhope following recent confusion caused by a letter being sent out in error by Leeds City Council.

The council have concerns about the quality of the accommodation and the feasibility of converting it in a way which would meet basic standards for privacy and mobility, and are therefore looking at future options for the site.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Personnel said:

“I wanted the chance to meet with residents to confirm that there will be a six week consultation period to ensure they are able to make their views known about the proposals. We will fully consider their views and take them into account in the decision making process. I also want to let them know personally that I was neither aware of, nor had authorised the letter which was sent to residents telling them Rosemont was to close. I was profoundly disappointed to find out that it had been sent in error.

“I have explained we don’t want to force anyone to move out, but I also wanted to point out that significant investment of almost £10 million has been made in sheltered housing in the area and the opportunities this presents for better, warmer, safer accommodation.

“We are not convinced Rosemont’s bedsit accommodation provides good enough quality facilities for the future, with many residents required to share bathing facilities and use very small kitchens. In our view the building layout and the fact that it is on a very steep slope, makes it not practical to upgrade to current standards for access for people with disabilities. We are of course also aware of the Building Regulations relating to DDA compliance.

“I absolutely understand that the idea of moving when you have lived somewhere for a while and feel settled can be daunting, in the event we make the difficult decision to close we will provide tailored personal support to all tenants to meet their housing and support needs.”

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