Pupils run rubbish lessons on Takeover Day

Left: Pupils start lessons on recycling. Right: Year six students Luke Williams, Lucy Payne and Agnes Konrad get training from recycling adviser Mick Weaver.

Takeover Day lessons focused on the environmental and financial benefits of recycling.

Pupils from a Leeds school are the latest recruits to the council’s team of expert recyclers.

Year six classmates from Bramley St Peter’s Church of England Primary School last week became recycling advisers – or ‘waste doctors’ – as part of Takeover Day 2013.

The Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Day allows young people to experience the world of work and help make decisions while participating organisations gain a fresh perspective from young people.

The school in Bramley is at the heart of one of the communities now having their green bins emptied one week and their black bins emptied the following week.

The new bin service started at 113,000 suitable properties across parts of Leeds on Monday 18 November. The recycling advisers are a key part of the service, helping people make the transition to the new collection schedules and making the most of their green bins.

Pupils were treated to a training session from the recycling advisers. They learned more about recycling and the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to take on the role with a view to becoming green ambassadors.

The class put their new skills into practice, leading lessons for their fellow pupils on Takeover Day and helping them to understand about the new bin service as well as the importance of recycling and the environmental and financial benefit it brings.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive board member for the environment, said:
“Our waste doctors are at the front line of our recycling services and have given the pupils a unique insight into what it takes to runs an efficient, reliable waste service.

“Bringing young people on board, not just on Takeover Day, means they can become our ambassadors and help their families and communities reap the benefits of recycling.

“The pupils stepped up to the challenge and I really appreciate their efforts and value the input they’ve given us.”

Councillor Judith Blake, executive board member for children’s services, said:
“It’s so encouraging to see young people take ownership of issues that have a direct impact on their communities.

“We know from the school Green Team day held earlier this year that pupils are passionate about their local environment. Takeover Day is another important way we can involve young people in decision making and help them gain an insight into how the council works.

“We’re very proud that all the pupils involved in the many Takeover Day activities in Leeds have approached them with such enthusiasm and their input will help shape what we do.”

Bev Finn, acting headteacher at Bramley St Peter’s Church of England Primary School, said:
“With the new bin service starting in our area, we thought it was a very timely opportunity for pupils to learn more about recycling and then put this into practice on Takeover Day.

“Our pupils have always had a keen interest in recycling and the environment and we’re confident that the expertise offered by the waste doctors will be put to fantastic use.”

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