Police and social landlord team up to tackle burglary

Caption: PCSOs with Aire Valley Homes Mobile Office in Cottingley

A partnership between Aire Valley Homes Leeds(AVHL) and West Yorkshire Police is helping to drive down burglary rates and protect tenants’ homes.

As part of a citywide campaign to reduce the number of homes falling victim to burglary, the police and AVHL, who manage council housing across south Leeds, are co-ordinating their efforts and working together to stamp out the problem .

They are using their combined intelligence, such as crime statistics and information from sources on the ground including police community support officers and AVHL’s tenancy management officers, to build up a picture of the problem in certain areas.

The scheme involves improving the security in homes with new door locks, window locks and additional lighting and alarms, as well as ensuring that the police and AVHL staff are visible to residents to provide security, advice and reassurance.

As part of the work towards reducing burglaries, officers from both organisations have already carried out surveys with residents around the theme of reducing burglaries, feeling safe and reassurance around crime. The next event will be on Thursday 30th August, Aire Valley Homes and Police staff will be available at a drop-in centre at the Community Room of Cottingley Towers to share burglary reduction tips and offer advice.

Simon Costigan, chief executive of Aire Valley Homes, said:
“Anyone who has been the victim of burglary, or an attempted burglary, knows how distressing this experience can be for a family. As a partnership we want to reduce the number of local residents that fall victim to this type of crime by being proactive and putting a range of preventative measures in place”.

“We have always worked very closely with the police and by sharing our intelligence we can build up a more complete picture of how criminals operate in specific areas, which enables us deploy our joint resources more effectively and target their activity much more efficiently”.

Cllr Peter Gruen, executive board member with responsibility for community safety said:

“Together with West Yorkshire Police, we have made tackling the city’s stubbornly high burglary rates one of our top priorities and have invested an additional £1.3m in Safer Leeds’ Burglary Reduction Strategy.

“We have made excellent progress over the past year, thanks in no small part to much closer working relationships with the Police and others. This innovative partnership between the Police and Aire Valley Homes reiterates our citywide commitment to do whatever is necessary to protect resident and their homes.

“As our partnerships grow ever stronger through projects such as this, I am confident that burglary rates across Leeds will continue to fall.”

Sgt Arrowsuch of West Yorkshire Police, said:

“The level of crime in the area has already fallen year on year in recent times including the number of burglaries. However, West Yorkshire Police are determined to continue to work even harder with our partners in order to reduce these levels even further.”

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