Permit scheme to be introduced at recycling sites

In a bid to stamp out trade waste being left at household recycling sites, a new permit scheme for vans is being introduced.

From August 1 2013, residents who genuinely own and drive commercial type vehicles will need a permit to take their vehicle on to a council recycling site.

The permit scheme will also apply to people who have a car with a trailer.

Currently, householders using commercial vehicles are allowed into recycling sites but only on a Wednesday or Saturday. However, the system is open to abuse and the majority of vehicles using the sites on these days are actually commercial, leaving council tax payers footing the bill for the disposal of their waste.

Anyone who wants to dispose of trade waste must do so, paying the appropriate fees, at the council’s Kirkstall Road and Seacroft recycling sites or by using official commercial waste disposal companies.

It’s hoped the permit scheme will help up recycling rates at household recycling sites and save the council money.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“We’re totally committed to increasing how much the city recycles so that we can reap the environmental and financial benefits. So, it’s wholly inappropriate for businesses to leave the council and residents to pay for the disposal of their waste.

“The new permit scheme will ensure that people who want to do the right thing and recycle their household rubbish can do so.

“Our Kirkstall and Seacroft sites are the only council-run sites that are permitted to accept trade waste. We’d gladly help businesses recycle their waste at these sites for the relevant fees, or they can go to another appropriate waste disposal facility of their choice.”

Residents who drive a commercial type vehicle or use a trailer will need to apply for a permit which allows them to visit any of the council’s household recycling sites 12 times a year.

To apply, residents will need to provide proof of a Leeds address and vehicle ownership or use.

Residents who hire or borrow a van for a short period can also apply for a temporary permit.

Signs will be put up at all household waste sorting sites to let people know about the new arrangements.

In the run up to the 1 August start date, staff at each site will be handing out information and application forms.

An application form can be downloaded from www.leeds.gov.uk/recyclingsites.

From 1 August only commercial type vehicles or car with trailer with a valid permit will be allowed on to council household recycling sites.

Anyone in a commercial vehicle trying to use household recycling sites after this date will be redirected to the Kirkstall Road or Seacroft (East Leeds) sites which can accept trade waste for the appropriate fee. Alternatively, people can hire a skip or the services of an appropriately licensed waste carrier.



Certain vehicles have been excluded from household waste sorting sites since 2005 and this will continue. These are: luton box vans, flat beds, pick-ups, twin-axled vehicles, agricultural vehicles, long wheelbase transits and horse boxes.

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