Parking cheats now on Santa’s naughty list

A total of 23 people now risk being on Santa’s naughty list having been called to appear before Leeds magistrates for Blue Badge offences.

The 23 men and women have faced magistrates throughout December for mis-using the scheme designed to make it easier for disabled people to park and get to where they need to be easily.

The offences date back to May and up to October this year with people using badges in pay and display bays and disabled bays, belonging to people who have died, displaying expired badges and using badges without the badge holder being present.

The majority of cheats caught came from Leeds, but some offenders came from Doncaster, Harrogate, Knottingley and Sheffield.

All the cases against the Blue Badge fraudsters were found proved and while some were given a conditional discharge, the fines and costs awarded total over £5,000.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive board member for the environment, said:

“When questioned, most of these individuals have known they are in the wrong as the rules for using Blue Badges couldn’t be clearer.

“While it might be convenient for you to forget those rules for a short while, you could be putting people with a genuine need at a disadvantage, which simply isn’t fair.

“We’ve highlighted a number of these cases over recent months in a bid to show that we won’t stand by and allow the system to be abused. We hope that this has served as a serious warning but we will continue to monitor and prosecute until that message gets through.”

People could have their Blue Badges revoked or renewal refused if they or others persistently abuse them.

They also face a maximum £1,000 fine if prosecuted and found guilty of abusing the system.

See www.leeds.gov.uk/residents/pages/blue-badge-parking.aspx and www.gov.uk/browse/driving/blue-badge-parking for more information.


For media enquiries please contact:

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