Owners to avoid the dog house with microchipping

Dog owners are being encouraged to come along to a special session to help them become better owners of their four-legged friends.

On 23 July in Potternewton Park, Harehills Lane, council dog wardens are offering free microchipping, thanks to the Dogs Trust.

Microchipping usually costs around £20 to £30. It’s a permanent method of identification for dogs, which means if a dog is lost or stolen, it can hopefully be reunited with its owner as soon as possible. Vets, dog wardens, and animal charities are all equipped with scanners to obtain owners information from chipped dogs.

The event will help ensure that all dogs in Leeds are microchipped before it becomes a legal requirement from 6 April 2016.

Dog wardens will be offering general advice on responsible dog ownership and on looking after canine companions properly too.

Hoping to get the message across to irresponsible dog owners, the council will continue to fine people £75 for not clearing up after their pet. If dog owners fail to pay the fine they will be prosecuted through the court.

Councillor Mark Dobson, executive member for the environment, said:

“Getting your dog microchipped is just one element of being a responsible dog owner. We want to ensure that people are aware of the local and national rules in place to keep dogs safe and help make Leeds a cleaner city.

“People also need to know that those who still flout the rules will have to face the consequences when they are found out.”

Owners are encouraged to bring their dogs to Potternewton Park, Harehills Lane, between 10am and 2pm.

If you know of anyone is a routine offender of not picking up after their dog you can report them on 0113 222 4406 or you can email to environmental.action@leeds.gov.uk .

For media enquiries contact Tom Clement

Leeds City Council Press Office

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