LikeMyLimit campaign gets festive refreshment

Keeping an eye on the festive tippling is the message from public health experts this year, as the impact of drinking over Christmas and the New Year plays a part in increasing A&E admissions, ill health and domestic violence.

The campaign recognises that many people will want to enjoy a celebratory drink as they break up from work and relax at home. The aim is to make people more aware of what they consume and the potential impact.

Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council’s Director of Public Health, said:

“Alcohol consumption in Britain increases by 40 per cent during December and A&Es see five times more admissions over the Christmas and New Year period. Around 70 per cent of children aged 8-17 say their parents are the number one influence on whether they drink.”

“This isn’t about being a grump or stopping people enjoying themselves. But if you’ve started to drink more than usual, or depending on a glass of something at the end of the day to unwind, you could try one simple change to help you cut down and feel happier about the amount you are drinking.”

Some of the recommendations include making sure you have a couple of days a week when you don’t drink; being more aware of the calories on drinks; using smaller glasses and waiting a bit longer before you have the first drink. All of these have been shown to make a difference, without people feeling they have to give up on having a drink entirely.

Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board are linking the organisations helping deliver healthy living services in the city, and the LikeMyLimit campaign will help reduce pressure on emergency services in the short term and help people live healthier lives in the long term.

There’s plenty of information and advice on the http://www.likemylimit.org.uk/ website.

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