Leeds voting packs for Police Commissioner in the post

A major operation is under way in Leeds to deliver what is expected to be the country’s biggest number of postal voting forms for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

No less than 93,500 postal ballot packs for the elections taking place across England and Wales on November 15 will begin to land on doormats in the city from the end of this week.

They will enable people in Leeds who are registered for a postal ballot to cast their vote for the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire.  They will be entitled to select both a first and second choice of candidate.

The ballot paper, expected to start arriving on Friday November 2, will list all the candidates standing in the area and the voting process must be followed carefully.

Susanna Benton, Leeds City Council’s electoral services manager, explained:

“Next to the list of candidates there will be two columns.  You will be asked to vote for your first choice candidate by marking a cross in the first choice column, and for your second choice candidate by marking a cross in the second choice column.  As long as you mark one cross in the first choice column, your vote can be counted.”

The Leeds vote will count towards the overall West Yorkshire result, as the Police Commissioner will represent the entire county.  The count will take place in Huddersfield, presided over by Police Area Returning Officer Joanne Roney.

Leeds traditionally has one of the largest postal votes in the UK for elections.  Completed postal votes must reach the Local Returning Officer by 10pm on Thursday 15 November.  They can also be handed in at any polling station in the Leeds City Council area.  If you have not received your postal vote by Friday 9 November, you can apply for a replacement by contacting 0113 222 4411.

For more information on the PCC elections visit www.aboutmyvote.co.uk or for information on the candidates visit www.choosemypcc.org.uk

Journalists who require further information about the overall organising of the PCC elections should contact:Wakefield Council Communications team
Telephone 01924 305295

For media enquiries please contact:
Donna Cox, Leeds City Council press office (0113) 224 3335