Leeds tenants happy with their housing service

Three quarters of council tenants in Leeds have said they are satisfied with the overall service they receive.

Leeds City Council has received a positive response to its recent ‘STAR’ tenant survey, with 74% of people saying they are satisfied with the overall service they receive – up by 5% on previous years.

The survey asked residents what they think of their home, their neighbourhood and the services they receive from the Leeds Arm’s Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) and Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation, which manage and maintain council housing on behalf of Leeds City Council.

Over 3,300 tenants took part in the survey by completing either a postal or web version of the survey, which showed that:

• More people are happy with their neighbourhood as a place to live, with 75% saying they are satisfied – up by 4%.

• Many more people are happy with how their enquiries are dealt with – with 72% saying they are satisfied - up by 9%.

• There was also a big improvement of 8% in satisfaction with how anti-social behaviour cases were dealt with.

Councilor Peter Gruen, Executive Members for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Support Services said:

“It is great to see an increase in satisfaction rates for tenants who receive housing services from the council.

“We work hard to ensure our tenants receive a good service across the board and listen to their views to ensure we are constantly updating their services.

“There is however still work to be done to improve on this positive result; with tenants showing concern over how they will continue to pay their rent and manage their finances following the recent changes to the welfare system. Bringing housing management back in house will allow us to continue making improvements.”

Notes for editors:

Leeds City Council has three Arms Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) which manage and maintain council housing on their behalf. The ALMOs are wholly owned by the council, which retains ownership of housing stock and sets rents.

Every two years Leeds City Council must carry out a standardised tenant satisfaction questionnaire – called a Survey of Tenants And Residents (STAR) – which includes questions set HouseMark and endorsed by the Market Research Society

Housing management services in Leeds are currently under review. Following consultation with tenants and other key stakeholders, a report will be presented to the Council’s executive board in June recommending a proposal to bring the services back in-house.


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