Leeds city leader responds to DCLG devolution plans

Following publication of the Department for Communities and Local Government Committee report looking at the case for devolution for local government, Leeds City Council have broadly welcomed the direction of the report.

Councillor Keith Wakefield, Leader of Leeds City Council, said:

“The success of the Tour de France this weekend demonstrates what local authorities can do when they have the freedom, resources and support to work together. Having delivered the world’s biggest annual sporting event in the north of England, nobody should be in doubt that we have the talent, skills and confidence to deliver more for our citizens if we are given the freedom and resources to do so.

“The DCLG Committee’s report recognises that the arguments for fiscal devolution and chance for more empowered local governance are not only being made more loudly, but also that those arguments are reasonable.

“In Leeds we have a strong record on economic growth – even during tough times - and bold aspirations in the financial, legal and medtech sectors, as well as a strong digital sector and an array of local expertise in other industrial areas.

"What we really want to see is the support from Whitehall for fair investment in infrastructure which will mean that the North can deliver on our potential. We know that we can work with other local authorities and areas to deliver better results for our citizens, and as we have said for a long time, we want the freedom to build on this.”


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