Landlord facing fines for empty home failures

A London-based property firm which left two properties in Leeds empty and falling into disrepair has been fined by Leeds magistrates following enforcement taken by Leeds City Council.

The council took the action following a string of failures to meet environmental and housing standards. The two long term empty properties in the Nowells in East Leeds were investigated by the council for a range of issues and despite attempts to encourage the landlord to bring the properties up to scratch, it was necessary to take legal action.

Leeds City Council and its partners have invested significantly in the Nowells over the last 18 months as part of the Leeds Neighbourhood Approach. The resulting new multi-agency area-based approach has seen nearly 40 long-term empty properties brought back into use in this area and improved standards in 127 homes.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Personnel said:

“The owner has failed to engage with the council to deal with these properties despite numerous attempts to speak with him. As a council we want to do our best to work with landlords to make sure decent homes are available for people in the city. However, if people fail to look after properties and treat tenants or the council with contempt, they can expect to end up in court and face appropriate legal penalties. In this case, it will cost HRKS Ltd almost £6,000. In fines, costs and victim surcharge.”

Rashpal Parmar, who attended court on behalf of HRKS Ltd, and represented the company, offered to pay the fines in instalments over six months, which was accepted by the court.

Notes for editors:

Fines were imposed as follows, and costs were awarded, plus a £120 victims surcharge -

i. Failure to comply with the s239 HA04 notice – £1000 fine, costs of £707

ii. Failure to comply with the s59 BA notice - £1000 fine, costs of £1300

iii. Failure to comply with the s4 PDPA notice, £600 fine, costs of £932.28

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