Land supply for future housing confirmed

Leeds City Council has taken important steps to ensure the district’s housing is delivered where it is needed most.

A five year supply of housing land has been earmarked, which means the council has more say about building on green fields.

Many authorities up and down the country are failing to find sufficient land for the next five years and as a result are suffering unplanned development.

Should a developer want to build on greenfield sites that Leeds City Council has not yet identified for housing it has a strong position for refusal because a large number of sites have already been set aside in the five year supply.

The council will now set the number of houses it needs to provide each year at 3,660 between 2012 and 2017, to allow for the delivery of infrastructure and housing market recovery.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Executive Member for Neighbourhoods, Planning and Personnel, said:

“We want to encourage the delivery of new homes to meet the growing need of residents here in Leeds. However, it is important we can choose the right sites and not be open to planning by appeal.

“We have convinced a Government inspector of a more realistic housing delivery target. As a result of we are in a position to resist inappropriate planning proposals because we can demonstrate land that meets the target for new homes in the city.”

This housing land supply forms part of the council’s growth framework – the Core Strategy – which guides all development in the city over the next 15 years.

A key element of the strategy is to provide 70,000 new homes by 2028. It also focuses on concentrating buildings on brownfield sites in order to promote regeneration and protect greenbelt.

Alongside the delivery of new housing the council has a number of programmes for the delivery of council housing, regeneration initiatives and the use of empty homes.

Consultation on an allocations plans with residents and Councillors is ongoing alongside work on Neighbourhood Plans which all help decide the most suitable places for housing.

Anyone wanting to engage with the consultation can do so by going to www.leeds.gov.uk/ldf and following the link to the Core Strategy or phoning 0113 247 8092.

Councillor Neil Walshaw, Chair of Development Plan Panel, said:

“The council is now in a stronger position to deliver new homes but also resist inappropriate housing developments. It is very important to us that this housing is delivered in the most suitable places through planning and consultation.

“We want residents to help with this by engaging with the consultation. The Core Strategy will shape the way our city progresses over the next 15 years. We need to know what residents think about our plans and we are listening carefully to their responses.”


For media enquiries please contact:

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Leeds City Council press office,

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