Grass roots democracy in action

Grass roots democracy was in action this week when representatives of the 32 parish and town councils gathered at Civic Hall.

The Parish and Town Council Annual Forum is a business meeting for local councils to discuss how they work with Leeds City Council to best represent residents.

The meeting reviewed the parish and town council charter and its planning and highways supplements, which set out how they aim to work together for the benefit of local people.

Other items on the agenda included updates on accessing council information online, the community infrastructure levy and neighbourhood planning agreements.

Councillor Peter Gruen, Leeds City Council executive board member for neighbourhoods, planning and support services, said:

“This meeting is important for local councils to discuss their ideas or any concerns. It is a chance to update them on matters that directly affect them and helps to maintain a good relationship with those local councillors that form the grass roots of local democracy. Here we have a solid opportunity to encouraging networking and share best practice amongst local councils.”

The parish and town council charter was first drawn up and agreed in 2006 and it requires the forum undertakes an annual review in order to ensure that it keeps pace with developments.

The Parish and Town Council Annual Forum meeting took place on Monday 27 January at 6.30am.


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